About Blockchain

What is blockchain?

Commonly associated with cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether, blockchain is so much more. At its core, blockchain uses distributed ledger technology (DLT) to create more secure, open and transparent systems, the results of which have been both disruptive and transformative for many industries.

Blockchain is not Bitcoin, it's a whole lot more

2018 saw cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin reach all-time high market valuations of $326 billion (coinmarketcap.com), falling to $74 billion, a gargantuan crash of 77%. And while market analysts continue to debate whether or not cryptos will ever return to, or even surpass their peak, most experts agree that blockchain is here to stay, and you need to pay attention to it. So what is blockchain? Blockchain at its core is simply a distributed ledger, and it is blockchain that supplies the underlying foundation for cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, together with a whole new era of products and services spanning every industry you can think of.

Is blockchain in demand?

If 2018 was the golden year of Cryptos, then 2019 is being hailed as the golden year of blockchain, with many global giants releasing blockchain enabled products and services years in the making. Those with the knowledge, skills and foresight to take advantage of this modern paradigm are in a great position, the benefits are apparent, and it's just a question of being proactive in your approach. Furthermore, you don't have to be a computer whizz to benefit either, as those in supporting roles, such as project managers, business analysts, management personnel and many more can greatly benefit from having an understanding of the technology too.

Is blockchain training expensive?

Many companies are taking advantage of the somewhat mysterious nature of blockchain, leading consumers into believing that they should be paying upwards of £2000 for non-certified blockchain training. However, at Sensa, we believe that professional training should be both affordable and accredited. This is why we've not only taken the time to develop an informative and engaging course, but also had our course material independently reviewed and approved by the leading internationally recognised continuing professional development institution, the British CPD Certification Service.

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